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Hiding the talent

Phoenix Business Journal

Ephibian, a Tucson-based Internet services firm specializing in infrastructure, application development and management services, says it has adopted a unique strategy to combat employee defections from major industry hubs like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Northern Virginia and Boston.

Their solution? Hide the engineering talent.

According to Ephibian, the establishment of a hub and spokes model leaves the sales and marketing divisions of the company to aggressively network and operate within the geographic hotbeds of the new economy, while the engineering talent remains hidden and happy in Tucson.

"By offering an extremely high quality of life, we are able to attract and retain our engineering talent," said Ephibian chief executive Teri Spencer. "The cost of living in Tucson is much lower than that of the major cities. We have 25-year-old engineers who own 3,000-square-foot homes with swimming pools and mountain views."