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Community Foundations of America - Technology Roadmap

Community Foundations of America

Representatives of several leadership groups met in February to build consensus on the components of technology infrastructure for the community foundation field. Attending the February 27 meeting in Washington, D.C. were leaders from the NPO Advisory Group, CFLT, CFA and dot.che. 

Attendees included:  CFA, Carla Dearing, Steve Minter, Jason Saul (B2PCommerce), Marsh Williams (Neulogic Media); NPO Advisory Group, Tom Peters, Sid Hartman, Mike Cheney, John Gump; CFLT, Suzanne Feurt, Jack Hopkins, Wendy Horton, Tom Hay; dot.che, Deborah Whitehurst, Noah Wasmer, Jeremy O’Day from Ephibian who was selected to build the system.

Meeting outcomes:

* General agreement of all parties on the Technology Roadmap as the definition of the future technology infrastructure requirements.

* Initial agreement on development principles and platforms that we want to promote in the future - openness, connectivity, lack of modules, version control, and others.

* Consensus that CFA will articulate a "package" that can be used to solicit funds (a "funding syndicate") to support future development in the context of the Technology Roadmap.

The resulting Technology Roadmap was shared with participants at the Solution Summit on March 25 and 26 in Kansas City, Missouri.