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Ephibian Grows by Hiding the Talent

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The Internet has flooded the labor market with new job opportunities. As each new technology company is founded, employers join the struggle to attract top engineering talent and struggle to keep the talent from jumping at the next more appealing offer.

Ephibian, an Internet services firm specializing in infrastructure, application development and management services, has adopted a unique strategy to combat employee defections from industry hubs like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York Northern Virginia and Boston. Their solution? Hide the engineering talent.

Through the establishment of a hub and spokes model, the sales and marketing divisions of Ephibian aggressively network and operate within the geographic hotbeds of the new economy leaving the engineering talent hidden and happy in the desert city of Tucson, Arizona.

``By offering an extremely high quality of life, we are able to attract and retain our engineering talent,'' says Ephibian CEO Teri Spencer. ``The cost of living in Tucson is much lower than that of the major cities. We have 25 year old engineers who own 3,000 square foot homes with swimming pools and mountain views.'' In addition to talent retention, a home base in Tucson allows Ephibian to offer clients more affordable solutions without sacrificing critical time to market. Daily inexpensive flights from SFO to Tucson (one hour in duration) make it convenient for San Francisco and Silicon Valley clients to visit the Tucson Corporate Headquarters or for the Ephibian engineers to fly to the Bay Area for a day of client meetings.

``The hub and spokes model works,'' says Spencer. ``Our clients get an experience team at an affordable price. Our sales teams work where the action is. Management is happy because our engineers are not poached. And engineers are happy with the quality of their lives in Tucson. Of course, if the air conditioning goes out, then it's a different story altogether.''

About Ephibian

Ephibian is an Internet services firm specializing in infrastructure, application development and management services for Fortune 1000 corporations and technology startups. Ephibian maintains a strict focus on the back-end issues that provide the greatest challenges and greatest risk to companies that compete in the Internet marketplace. Ephibian also maintains ``Ephibian Ventures'', a venture technology arm that provides services for equity for select technology startups. Founded in 1996, Ephibian maintains a development headquarters in Tucson, AZ and operates business development centers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Boston, Chicago and New York. Ephibian's headquarters are located at 5151 East Broadway Blvd., Suite 1400, Tucson, Arizona, Phone: 520-745-3999, Fax: 520-745-3775, Toll Free: 1-877-917-4747,