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Defense contractors run gamut from radar to ejection seats

by Meagan Pollnow
Phoenix Business Journal

Raytheon, Boeing, Honeywell and General Dynamics often make headlines scoring billion-dollar contracts from U.S and other government defense agencies. But there are many other companies in the state that have significant contracts on the defense front. Here is a sampling of what some of them currently are doing.

Airtronics Inc.

Address: 3601 E. 34th St., Tucson 85713.

Phone: 520-881-3982.

Web site:

No. of Tucson employees: 40.

Currently holding more than 30 contracts, most of which are multi-year engagements, business is good for Airtronics Inc.

The company works mostly to repair and overhaul aircraft instrumentation in the military arena, specifically actuators and valves.

And that is proving to be good business, according to company President Brad Smith.

However, Smith said the aerospace industry still faces some challenges. There is a gap between what the military is purchasing, in terms of new aircraft and systems, and getting companies to support and repair the new items.

"As the government buys new aircraft and new systems, they don't buy the rights to the items," Smith said. "Because of this, companies producing these new systems don't like to repair or support the items they're selling."

One of the biggest contracts received by Airtronics was awarded in December by the U.S. Department of Defense for $500,000.

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