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Discover your vulnerabilities with a partner you trust.

It takes an experienced and knowledgeable partner to provide you with a reliable and accurate assessment of your organization’s security vulnerabilities. And that means trust. Ephibian is hardwired for security and we deliver it to some of the most sensitive organizations in the world. You may not like the gaps we find, but you’ll love how we close them.

Properly conducted vulnerability testing can help evaluate the true security stance of your environment, systems and applications.  It includes Personnel Testing – review of employee tasks, practices and procedures to identify vulnerabilities, and training employees to use good security practices and to be aware of threats such as social engineering.  Physical Testing – review of your facility and perimeter protection mechanisms such as locks, alarms, physical barriers, lighting, authentication measures (e.g. badges, biometrics), fire systems, evaluation of server rooms and more.  System and Network Testing – use of both automated scanning products to identify known vulnerabilities and manual testing and review to properly interpret the results. Since system and network vulnerability testing is a “point-in-time” snapshot and environments constantly change and are updated, scans should be performed on a regular basis to ensure vulnerabilities are identified as soon as possible. 

At Ephibian,  all members of our security team have had background checks from the DoD and maintain security clearances. 

You can trust us.