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In the dark about what could go wrong? Ephibian can provide light on what's at risk and what to do about it.

Risk Assessments from Ephibian help provide you with an understanding of when, where and how threats can present themselves. Without that understanding, none of us can effectively protect sensitive information. The idea is to avoid disaster by knowing what can hit you before it does. Make Ephibian the light at the end of the tunnel.

It is all too common for companies to apply too much security, not enough security, apply it in the wrong areas, or spend too much or too little for their level of risk.

A Risk Assessment helps you understand your assets and their value, understand your threats and exposures, then prioritize your risks and apply the appropriate security resources in the proper areas by evaluating the value of your assets, the potential loss per threat, threat likelihood, and the effective risk reduction options.

A Risk Assessment is a critical step in the risk management process used to identify vulnerabilities and threats, assess possible damage, and determine where to implement security safeguards.

You cannot protect your sensitive/valuable information without a clear understanding of the most likely avenues of attack against your system and how to prevent them.

Let us help mitigate your risks.