Your infrastructure is your foundation. Let us help make it strong.

Your infrastructure is the foundation upon which your system runs. Without a strong foundation, even the best applications can fail. Not only should your infrastructure be efficient, flexible, dependable and compliant, it should optimize your return on investment.

At Ephibian, we have experience in all aspects of computing infrastructure; including system sizing and stress testing, dynamic server load balancing, user emulation load testing, n-tiered computing architectures, network and computer security, active directory, server virtualization, backup/recovery and disaster planning solutions. We can also help your company use cloud computing or create your own cloud environment.

Networking services are the life blood of your infrastructure. These services allow information to flow between all parts of your system. We can help you balance the growing complexities of your communications and network needs keeping your vision in mind.  Our team will assess your network needs then design new solutions or recommend modifications to existing solutions including layer 2 and 3 options, frame relay, point-to-point, GRE tunnels, VPNs, MPLS, VoIP or whatever is the best fit for your security, performance, and efficiency needs.

When it comes time to finding a hosting facility, we can help.  We work with some of the best infrastructure service providers in the business to ensure your needs are met, whether it is a solution that provides 24/7 managed services and security or a cost effective alternative.

We care and will work to ensure you have a strong foundation.