services / database development

Information is power. Data integration makes you powerful.

Tell us your challenges and we will create data solutions that empower you and your organization.  We provide comprehensive, reliable and powerful means to organize and access your data.  Results are everything.

Whether you need a new data design, a single view into multiple data sources or an engineered interface for external data sources, we can help.  We have the capabilities to meet the most complex data challenges of even the largest organizations. 

We change the lives of our clients by integrating data from multiple enterprise applications, migrating data from legacy systems to new systems, consolidating customer information to achieve one-to-one marketing for personalized advertising, integrating data from acquisitions and mergers of existing businesses, specifying and developing interfaces to import data from external sources, consolidating existing and legacy data systems, extracting, cleansing, transforming and loading data in support of business process re-engineering efforts, developing views into different data sources through business reports, developing data parsing engines based on business rules, developing corporate data warehouses and implementing data mining tools.

Ephibian engineers have experience in relational databases, data architecture, technologies, and tools including Oracle, SQLServer, DB2, IBM Informix, SAP Sybase, PostgreSQL, MySQL, XML, OLTP, OLAP, ETL Processes, Microsoft SQL Service Integration Services, Informatica, Oracle Hyperion, Oracle Tuxedo, IBM InfoSphere, HP Encina, Oracle Warehouse Builder.

Let us solve your data issues.