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Make sure your recovery doesn't become catastrophic.

After a data or systems disaster, many businesses struggle to remain afloat. 43 percent of businesses never reopen following a disaster and 29 percent more go out of business within two years. Data that is not backed up electronically can take weeks to re-enter if there is a paper trail, and if there isn’t, the data can be lost forever.

Ephibian develops Disaster Recovery, Backup and Continuity of Operations Plans for both commercial and Government entities. We’ll perform a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) that identifies your critical functions and resources, determine your Maximum Tolerable Downtime (MTD), identify threats and calculate risks, and identify backup solutions. We can also help you identify preventive controls, develop recovery strategies, develop your DR/COOP plan, and perform exercise test drills to ensure you’re ready in the event of a disaster.

Working with some of the best IT infrastructure hosting providers in the business, we’ll work to make sure your infrastructure is safe and reliable with 24/7 services and security, including an array of options for backup strategies or we'll work with you and your IT team to do this internally.

Ephibian's got your back.