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Create unique experiences

Years ago, web design meant bringing a graphics designer on board, near the end of the process, to create a skin that looked good and fit with the project.  Back then, a good website and the success of usability was judged based on factors such as drop shadows and creative navigation.  Today, web design encompasses so much more.  The key to good web design is making sure the look and feel of the site lines up with your brand and the overall identity of your business from the very beginning of the process.  The goal is to make sure a common user has a great first time experience with your site, resulting in return visits.

After more than 500 successful projects our mantra has matured to design to a user’s perspective and not from a developers. We work with you in different areas of Interface Design including - Information Architecture, Experience Design, Interaction Design and User-Center Design to define an experience that is engaging and meaningful to customers while meeting your project objectives.

Ephibian will make sure your website is unique.