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It's only a solution if it fills a shopping cart.

Ecommerce solutions from Ephibian ensure that technology won’t get between the customer and the cart.

Ephibian is passionate about helping you create a successful business online and an effective ecommerce solution will help you do this. We understand that the technology doesn’t matter as much as the business value we deliver. We develop solutions that focus on driving conversions and increasing revenue. Our team has over fourteen years of experience in ecommerce design and development.

We begin with requirements gathering and business strategy that helps us design a solution that will deliver real economic value for you. Then, in order to attract new customers we implement a search-engine friendly architecture from the start so that your ecommerce site gains relevant and targeted traffic.

We also help you streamline and automate the sales process to improve the experience so that your conversion rate increases. Users want to be able to make a purchase decision quickly and most important, easily. This effort will result in an enhanced, usable, and satisfying ecommerce experience which will also increase customer loyalty and retention.

We help you inspire your customers to communicate with you, engage and ultimately identify themselves with your mission through ecommerce tools, community features, online support, and by providing comprehensive and timely information.

Finally, we provide you with a scalable architecture so your solution can accommodate additional requirements, features and functionality in the future as your business grows.

Ephibian has the solution.