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You need to get served.

Multiple servers. Multiple applications. Multiple platforms. Too often, these are the ingredients for multiple headaches and multiple meltdowns. If your company is like most, then you have a lot of servers to deal with; including multiple versions and ages of Windows, Linux, Solaris, and who knows what else. Whatever the platform, you need to keep those servers up, patched, and performing reliably while at the same time supporting a migration to blade servers or clustered Virtual Machine (VM) environments in a calm and orderly fashion. We can help.

Ephibian server solutions align and integrate all aspects of computing infrastructure across the full spectrum of enterprise sizes. Our solutions are end-to-end. We’ll take you from assessment to strategy development to infrastructure design to deployment. Working with us, you’ll know what it means to get served.

Our team has experience in all aspects of computing infrastructure including system sizing and stress testing, dynamic server load balancing, User Emulation Load Testing, N-Tiered computing architectures, Server Virtualization (VMware, VirtualBox, and XenServer), Backup/Recovery and disaster planning solutions.

Let Ephibian help you design your computing infrastructure. We have experience with designing large computing environments like the U.S. Army’s Area Processing Centers, as well as for small, medium and large businesses. We have successfully integrated Windows, Linux, and Solaris solutions within massive virtual environments and then migrated those environments between data centers. Whatever your requirements, we can create a strategy and implementation plan to meet your needs.

Let us serve you.