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Get your head in the clouds and everything will become clear.

Take multiple offices across different regions, all trying to operate under the same umbrella, but still doing things their own way — and the outcome can be variations in quality, consistency, reliability and functionality. Ephibian designs and develops cloud computing environments that bring clarity to your operation, helping multiple sites share and extend resources, improve functionality, reduce maintenance costs, and improve system reliability, integrity and security. So get out of the fog of disparate systems and into the clouds. See what’s possible with Ephibian.

Cloud computing allows you to share common, reliable, and consistent resources and services through a centralized control mechanism without the administrative and maintenance hassles. Using this method, you can rely on specialized and dedicated system and network administrators to keep your service infrastructure up, patched, and backed up so that you can concentrate on your business – not on its infrastructure.

Cloud computing can significantly reduce capital expenditure costs for hardware and software, and can also reduce operational costs while being more finely controlled. Users can access systems regardless of their location, and you will no longer have to engineer your infrastructure for the highest possible peak loads because this can be handled by the “cloud”. Continued low utilization of systems is no longer a problem as available resources can scale dynamically based on demand and reliability.

Ephibian has the expertise to design and implement a cloud computing environment to meet your needs. Or, we can work with you and your IT department to migrate services to one of the major cloud vendors including Google, IBM, Microsoft, HP, Amazon and VMware. We can help you choose the right solution based on the level and quality of service you require.

Let us help provide you unsurpassed clarity.