services / databases / data design

Turn databases into masterpieces.

Ephibian is experienced in multiple design methods from the concept stage to the final production system. We can determine the best data design method for you based on your specific needs.

In our development methodology, data is central to the system and the design of the data is of central importance. We employ strong normalization techniques to ensure the integrity of your transactional data, and we understand how to organize analytical data so that it is easy to query.

The design stage is the process of producing a detailed logical data model that contains all the needed attributes and parameters required to create a well organized database. Our team works with you to translate your business needs into a meaningful data model which defines a methodology for storing, retrieving and presenting your data.

Whether you need an analytical, transactional, centralized, distributed, relational or object-oriented database, our team of experts will work with you to determine the best way to structure your data for scalability and ease of use.

Let us help you create your masterpiece.