Footprints we call our own, are based upon the efforts of many.

We are grateful to have shared our lives with all the amazing individuals who have touched our hearts and been part of our journey.  We contribute our success to the people who believed in us and gave us the opportunity to learn from them and a space to grow our capabilities.  We continue to have close personal and professional ties with them.

Ephibian's core team of engineers has been building high-volume, high-performance solutions for more than 20 years. When the Internet was still in its infancy and before Enterprise Management had been established, our co-founders led an elite engineering team that built large management information systems valued at several hundred-million-dollars for one of the net's pioneers - the U.S. Army.  As civilian engineers for the U.S. Army Information Engineering Command, we developed parts of milnet, the initial network that evolved into the Internet as we know it today. We also designed and developed the first fully integrated enterprise management solution used to manage networks and systems across the Army nation wide which is now the U.S. Army Network Enterprise Command's Continental United States Theater Network Operations and Security Center (CTNOSC).

Our founding team left the military with a mission to raise technology to new heights by using their experience to build technical solutions for evolving businesses. In true start-up fashion, we found an investment banker, set up our first office in a garage, and began to market our services .

In 1996, we received our start up capital from The Stenbeck Group, a global conglomerate that was owned and managed by the Swedish financier, Jan Stenbeck. The Stenbeck Group controls eight holding companies that represents more than 200 operating companies, with a market capitalization of over 8 billion dollars. After Mr. Stenbeck passed away in 2002, the Ephibian management team purchased the company from the Board of Directors.