Committed to Sustainability

Ephibian is committed to sustainability, which means behavior that lessens our impact on the environment as well as raises the quality of life in our communities. We operate our business as a corporate citizen committed to a clean and healthy environment for ourselves and generations to come.

We ensure our facilities and practices are in compliance with federal, state and local environmental standards. We believe that an appropriate balance can be achieved between environmental and corporate concerns.

Each team member contributes to support our corporate goals to operate our facilities in an environmentally sound manner; purchase products that are environmentally responsibe; purchase products locally whenever feasible; ensure our computers and monitors meet or exceed environmental standards; emphasize reuse to include printers with reuseable print cartridges, packing materials, and other appropriate items; car pooling and use of energy-efficient vehicles; handle what little byproducts we have in a safe and enironmentally sound manner such as donating electronic equipment for reuse or we recycle if the equipment is no longer operable; conserve and recycle raw materials in an attempt to reduce the amount of waste generated by the company

We also encourage ideas from team members and the public regarding ways we can become more environmentally conscious.