Inspiring innovation. Evolving imagination.

There's a reason Ephibian has one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry. People like working here. Ephibian attracts people who not only excel at what they do, they enjoy doing it in an environment that rewards achievement and eschews bureaucracy. That translates into a stimulating workplace and a high level of customer satisfaction. Beneath a casual exterior is a workplace filled with smart people who share a vision for making businesses work better.

An Entrepreneur's Credo
We aspire to be builders of great companies.  We face each day with the desire to create.  To improve. To better our world.

Because our vision is limited only by the depth of our imagination, we see things not only as they are, but also as they could be.  We reject the ordinary. The average. The status quo.  We often challenge the way things have been done, and are never afraid to ask why? why not? or what if?

We willingly pay the price to control our own destiny.
We commit our time, our energy, our resources and reputation for the greater promise of the opportunity -- the chance to pursue our dream.

Our passion is contagious. It inspires and motivates others to join our quest.  It aligns individuals to work together. It creates a shared vision.
We are servant leaders, challenging ourselves to constantly improve and thereby challenging others to do the same. As such we become architects for the unrealized potential of our future.

We are the risk-takers of our society, but we make every effort to wring the risk out of the opportunity -- to influence the odds in our favor.

We embrace and thrive on change.  We create order out of chaos.  Then we create new chaos to challenge that order.

Recognizing the talents of others, we often seek advice and guidance.  We are both student and teacher -- hungry to gather knowledge and eager to share it.

We conduct our business and our lives fairly and justly.  Our word is our contract -- every bit as strong as our signature.
Failure does not exist in our vocabulary, for we never give up.  We press onward despite adversity and uncertainty. We persevere.  What others believe to be impossible, we believe only to take a little longer.

Most importantly, we desire to make positive and lasting contributions.  To people. To our community. To the world.

For us, the journey is the reward. And on this journey we build relationships.  We build bridges. We build companies.  We leave footprints...

Christian LesStrang
Ephibian Alumni