Ephibian helps you get your life's work from mind to market.

The challenge of transforming theory to the kinds of practical applications that can change the world often seems more daunting than the research itself. A big part of what facilitates breakthroughs is having the right technology to properly manage and execute projects. Ephibian solutions help organize and commercialize research and technologies, giving you an edge to more effectively compete for grants. We deliver the critical link you need to go from mind to market.

About to make the next giant leap? Have faith.

We'll make sure the software doesn't trip you up.

An educational institution is defined by both its established reputation and its new initiatives. To attract the highest caliber of staff and students, it helps to be able to communicate the constant implementation of new ways to make progress. Conversations on campus lead to new methods of collaboration, new paths to innovation — and to keep it all moving, the demand for more capable software becomes critical. Often, that software has yet to be built. That's when you need Ephibian.

Ephibian knows your world and we design, develop and deliver software that helps you stay ahead of the curve.

Research is demanding enough. Simplify and relax.

Ephibian won't let the data get in your way.

Data must be reliable. Then it needs to be easily visualized, configured and translated for re-use and modification. Ephibian can help you model data in a way that helps streamline operations, effectively deliver on grants and help obtain funding sources.

We can handle all your data.

Collaboration, reporting, data integration, grant pursuit. And that's just your morning's "to do" list.

Let Ephibian conquer your web tasks.

Web solutions should give you the functionality to take the down time you need. This could mean using intranets, social networking solutions, online advertising campaigns, content management systems, e-commerce and search engine optimization. We stand by our web solutions so that you can relax in the knowledge that resources are at your fingertips when you need them.

Don't settle when choosing a web solution.

How you deliver is as important as what you deliver. You have the what.

We will take care of the how.

Effective learning is an engagement, not a lecture. Learning Management Systems from Ephibian help accelerate the process of learning -- so you can accelerate success, the most important outcome of any performance improvement program. With easy to use, reliable, interactive systems, we help educational institutions create engaging online experiences, events, e-learning programs, and re-usable object-oriented training content. We'll apply our experience to help you define how best to distribute and present content for student use and professors, review.

Ephibian will deliver for you

Geeks that can help secure grants? That's a partnership with possibilities.

That's the power of an Ephibian partnership.

Whether you are looking to secure a new grant or applying for the extension of an existing one, Ephibian is able to help define your desired use of technology so you win in the research space. We bring you a comprehensive and succinct approach based on real world possibilities and experience. We've made it happen for several partners already, and we are delighted to continue doing so.

Let us help you win your next grant

Making a move towards the marketplace? Make it easier.

Let Ephibian make it happen.

When the research ends, the opportunities are only just beginning. The best institutions know that the open market has an empty seat waiting to be filled. Technology transfer is an excellent opportunity for a research center to capitalize financially upon its technological developments and be first to market and thereby significantly enhance its reputation.

We work with this in mind.