Your commitment is changing our world for the better.

When taking on the challenges of making the world a better place, the vast array of competing responsibilities from research to fundraising can undo the very best of intentions. Effectively managing precious resources can help you climb to new heights, see the path forward and help you clarify the solutions to make you more effective.

Ideas that reshape the world usually need technical support, not technical obstacles.

Our software helps you make a difference.

Maintaining existing support and increasing new support -- from both a financial and human resource perspective -- has been enhanced dramatically for some of the NPOs with whom Ephibian has partnered. Together, weve created new software solutions that have helped these organizations realize both growth and exciting new program results.

We're ready to help you do the same.

You support a lot more than just technology. Simplify your focus

Let Ephibian support you.

Clarity of purpose and vision is enhanced when there is centralized and integrated data from which valuable meaning can be derived. We deliver data management solutions that support the innovation you inspire and help you bring the most important information to the forefront of your work.

Ephibian provides data solutions that work for you.

The right technology can make us all more human. And smarter.

Ephibian gives you more reach.

The power of the web gives you the ability to innovate faster and develop an alternative means of communication with your peers and donors. Whether it is a new idea or new approach with an existing idea, a web solution can help you reach further and harness the future.

We make your mission easier.

A technology company that helps you win grants? You bet.

Make every resource count with Ephibian.

Ephibian provides you with the technology to ensure that your grant opportunities come to fruition. To obtain or extend the life of research grants, Ephibian works to provide commercial-grade software, data solutions, and reporting tools on-time and within budget.

Let us help you win your next grant.

Turn breakthroughs into worldwide phenomenons. No matter how microscopic.

Ephibian bridges minds and marketplaces.

Helping non-profits bridge the gap between scientific breakthroughs and the marketplace is a specialized skill where technology, process and vision all come together. Ephibian brings that combination of skills to your world, so the innovations you create can make their way to the rest of the world.

Take the next step with us.