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UA First Things First


Help the University Evaluate the State of Arizona First Things First Program


Helped the University store and evaluate metrics over the lifetime of the 18-year study.



First Things First (FTF) was created in 2006, when Arizona voters decided to set aside 80 cents from each pack of cigarettes sold in order to fund the expansion of education and health programs for children from birth through age five through pre-schooling and extra educational services, many in rural areas. The FTF External Evaluation (FTFEE) program was formed to ensure that what the FTF program is doing is actually making a difference in the lives of children.

What did we do?

  • Ephibian built a data centric application for FTFEE to provide data entry, analysis and reporting on the effects of the FTF program within the state of Arizona
  • The application will support FTFEE for the lifetime of their on-going 18 year longitudinal study of participants
  • Provided a smart client application for researchers and investigators to enter questionnaire data directly into their laptops

How did we do it?

  • Determined client requirements through in-person meetings and conversations
  • Built the application and underlying database using ASP.NET technology coupled with a Microsoft SQL Server database
  • Developed data entry capability to input participant data and tests and measures results
  • Developed reporting capability for data analysis, participant tracking and test/measure investigations
  • Developed a user management module with role based security
  • Developed a smart client application for data entry of questionnaires with direct upload capability to the FTFEE database

What was the result?

The First Things First Program has funded hundreds of organizations and groups throughout the state of Arizona to provide pre-school services to children. The First Things First External Evaluation program is in the process of determining the results of the FTF program, based on data input and analysis from the FTFEE application built by Ephibian.