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Advanced HAZMAT Life Support (AHLS)


Capability to offer, announce and register online for courses


Easy-to-use online capability to market and drive revenue for the program



The University of Arizona’s Arizona Emergency Medicine Research Center (AEMRC) runs the Advanced HAZMAT Life Support (AHLS) program. AHLS needed a more effective and easy-to-use capability to offer courses, allow for online registration, and web-enable participation.

What did we do?

We provided intuitive mechanisms allowing AHLS staff, without programming knowledge, to:
  • Publish courses to the web
    • Tools were provided to allow administrators to modify the workflow associated with the creation/announcement of courses.
  • Allow user registration
  • Collect online payments
  • Send confirmation emails with an integrated e-mail system
  • Follow-up with “tickler” email messages
  • Develop online exams, with automated grading and score capture
  • Receive and evaluate participants’ feedback on instructors
  • Create and maintain an organization contact list
    • Easily communicate with all or segments of the contact population
  • Access canned reports, and create new, custom reports
  • Integrated the AEMRC-developed look-and-feel
The site included:
  • Online registration/User account management/security
  • Site-wide search
  • A flexible Content Management System
  • Document sharing, for reuse among courses
  • Online exams and exam payments
  • Online shopping
As a part of the effort, we migrated and cleansed all data from the current system as we launched the new system.

What was the result?

AEMRC’s AHLS was provided with an effective means to offer courses, and generate revenue, via the web.