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National Speakers Association


Streamline key business tasks and daily operations by creating greater online functionality


An online internal meeting planning application, contact management tools, together with an enhancement of the existing website



NSA is a non-profit organization for professional speakers and professional speaking certification.

The organization holds several large conferences each year. Their largest conventions attract thousands of professional speakers, and span multiple tracts of activities across several days. In addition to the active meeting days, there were preparation and deconstruction days. Relative success or failure of these conventions has an enormous impact on the organization in subsequent months.

The organization needed an internal meeting planning application to orchestrate these events successfully, as well as contact management tools to allow them to streamline their day-to-day operations and manage their international membership.

NSA contracted with Ephibian to provide them with solutions customized specifically to their needs.

What did we do?

  • Developed meeting planning web applications
  • Developed contact management web applications
  • Created the ability for speakers and planners to set up events online, manage those events, and allow for the public to register online
  • Added the ability for members to renew their membership online and optionally purchase additional member features

What was the result?

  • Organization has a mechanism to fully plan a multi-day, multi-tract event servicing thousands of attendees
  • Allows coordination and review of the agenda (e.g., tracts, announcements, speakers’ bios, etc.) internal before the event “published” to the public
  • Improves pre-coordination of all necessary elements for a successful event
  • 100% online registration and payment offloaded tremendous workload from Organization staff
  • Permits capturing details about all interested participants in an underlying contacts database; very useful and convenient for future marketing
  • Helps orchestrate activities during the hectic event (e.g., badge printing, meeting room agendas, presentation materials, etc.)
  • Variety of attendance and financial reports help account for and measure the success of each event