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Improve interaction and ease of communications with valued clientele.


A fully web-enabled order and collaboration system for UDesignWePrint to interact with their clients.



UDesignWePrint’s business model was to be an online order processor for print jobs (such as business cards, brochures, pamphlets, etc.).  They would accept these orders, and then outsource them locally with their print company partners, nationwide. They wanted to system for clientele to be able to initiate, coordinate, collaborate and repeat print orders.

What did we do?

  • Implemented an effective and easy to use online ordering system for initial and repeat business
  • Initial clients could establish an account and initiate orders via a shopping cart
  • Proof collaboration tools allowed clients and UDesignWePrint staff to share media files, and to collaborate to reach approval on the final print order
  • We implemented functionality for repeat clientele to allow them to easily repeat orders for which their pricing has been previously established
  • Provided UDesignWePrint staff ready insight into orders to be processed, client contact information, and the products available to each client for ordering
  • Provided password protection security, to secure the interaction between UDesignWePrint and its clients
  • The security system allows UDesignWePrint staff intuitive mechanisms to add or remove system privileges from staff-members or clients
  • Created an easy, intuitive, private notification system between UDesignWePrint and its clients
  • System includes:
    • At-a-glance order status, and Order Management, with search features
    • Contacts database and contacts management
    • Ability to edit and update products, and associate available products to clients
    • Easy & secure administration
    • Client notification system
  • System is customizable and modularly expandable for future phases

How did we do it?

  • Built atop Ephibian’s J2EE-compliant EFT technologies
  • Message of the Day (MotD) subsystem provides a convenient means to provide client-specific notifications between UDesignWePrint and its valued clients

What was the result?

A web-enabled online ordering and colaboration system between UDesignWe Print and its clients, allowing them to receive, coordinate, track and fulfill orders without lost paperwork.