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Help support a company from its inception, and position them techcnially to handle enormous customer growth


A fast, quality and reliable solution custom built by Ephibian, and an ongoing strong technology partnership



Decimal is an online 401(k) provider that needed a bullet-proof, highly scalable database-backed Web site to accommodate rapid growth. Decimal’s market niche is providing small businesses and individual-owned businesses with simple and convenient 401(k) benefit services.  The solution had to be easy to use, yet powerful and scalable to millions of potential businesses.

Not only that, but they needed to have their initial offering built under an extremely tight deadline. With its track record of delivering quality under tight deadlines, Ephibian was deemed as Decimal’s best choice.

What did we do?

  • Constructed a new design in a matter of weeks.
  • Site was designed with security in mind due to customer use of social security numbers and other personal information
  • Consolidated what can be a labyrinth of paperwork and middlemen into a clean, one-stop shop built specifically with customer satisfaction in mind
  • In addition to the quick turn-around, we performed the initial development work for equity because we are confident in our client and the success of the solution we built for them
  • Solution includes:
    • Intuitive, simple-to-use navigation
    • Mutual fund plan sponsor hub
    • New enrollee tutorial
    • Certified secure site
    • Hosting services
  • Continued to provide supporting technical services, including enhacements and new designs, as the company evolved throughout the years

How did we do it?

  • We migrated the company's constricting Windows NT-based Filemaker Pro database to Oracle running on Linux for maximum flexibility and scalability (see
  • The solution is based on multiple servers that switch seamlessly among each other to handle heavy loads

What was the result?

The solution was featured multiple times in "America's Top Recordkeepers"  survey, published each year in print and online by Plan Sponsor Magazine

The company now has clientele in all 50 states

The product has been featured in the Wall Street Journal as a best-in-class small business 401(k) solution, and the founder has been interviewed on CNBC

The services have garnered partnership interest from large organizations such as Intuit, Charles Schwab and others