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To exceed in handling current growth and massive growth potential


Recommendations for a revamped system that allowed for rapid scalability in a secure architecture


Introduction is an Internet auction site that was originally developed to liquidate excess travel capacity. However, due to rapid growth in both their user base and their page views, they found their initial infrastructure was undersized and the software architecture had not been well designed for rapid scalability. This was limiting their overall business potential.

What did we do?

While understanding the critical operational nature of the current infrastructure to meet the existing and growing demand of SkyAuction, Ephibian performed a non-disruptive engagement which:
  • analyzed the current business growth and future requirements
  • performed stress testing on the existing servers and network infrastructure to determine peak capacity
  • outlined a future software architecture capable of growth to meet the increased demand
  • documented the system security tools and procedures
  • created automated notification to system and security administrators when attempted breaches were detected

How did we do it?

  • determined capacity of the existing system and architecture
  • developed a new strategy to handle increased traffic
  • presented a realistic, implementable and scalable server and network architecture to grow with SkyAuction’s future growth needs
  • made comprehensive recommendations for a network intrusion detection system

What was the result?

The result of the project were clear recommendatoins for a manageable, scalable and highly functional system with a high degree of security and a comprehensible security policy.