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Create a dating site that accurately represents an established concept and brand


Developed a dating website with matchmaking criteria based upon Dr. Lehman's birth order concepts



Matchwise was originally a dating site based on the books on birthorder written by NY Times bestselling author and popular public speaker, Dr. Kevin Lehman. Their goal was to bring to market a matchmaking website based upon the intelligent matchmaking concepts of Dr. Lehman.

Ephibian was called upon to create a fully functional site within only three months.

What did we do?

  • Brought to market a matchmaking website based upon the intelligent relationship concepts set out in Dr. Lehman’s research
  • Incorporated these concepts within a site that includes functions the public has come to expect in state-of-the-art matchmaking websites including community functions, sophisticated email & messaging, security and e-commerce, comparable to and other Internet-leading dating sites
  • Site incorporates sophisticated searching tools
  • Includes communications via email, chat, and messaging
  • Site allows personalized content, including the capability for users to create their own questionnaire
  • Administrative tools included to manage the website look-and-feel
  • Administrative tools to manage inappropriate user uploads of text or images and/or to lock out offensive users

Eventually, the company wanted to take a different tactic and produce a more grneralized Christian-oriented website.  When this occurred, we helped them by removing the birthorder logic and re-skinning the site with a new look-and-feel visual presentation. 

Subsequently, the original software was procured and now serves as the basis for a Christian-oriented dating site.