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Gold Stars Speakers Bureau


Create improved online functionality


A new web presence with many new features



The goal of the Gold Stars Speakers’ Bureau was to revamp their web presence, with a new design and many new features, that accurately displayed their competence and professionalism and to help them effectively compete with other national service bureaus.

What did we do?

  • Redesigned the look and information flow of the Gold Stars website
  • Implemented an interface that preserves their legacy investment in an internal Speakers database
  • Designed a Home Page that highlights featured speakers and prominently displays Gold Star’s main service (the ability to rapidly search for professional speakers by name)
  • Built in a more sophisticated search capability through the “Find Speakers” link, allowing users to search for professional speaker by name, subject matter, location, and/or fee range
  • Included a content management tool that allows Gold Stars' staff the ability to perform a database file upload on demand, or manage speaker content, products, newsletters, and website text with no knowledge of HTML, SQL, XML or any other programming language
  • The content management tool allows Gold Stars' to manage the website look and feel, also

What was the result?

  • New Look & Feel, which they now can completely manage themselves
  • Improved Information Flow
  • Internet Search Engine rankings improvement due to optimization
  • Key to their business, both speakers and organizations looking for speakers can rapidly review their speaker catalog, and query it with a variety of criteria
  • Multimedia capability