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Develop, implement and maintain internet kiosks in high-traffic airports and rest stops


A secure, customized solution for both the kiosks and the back-end technology which supported them



Get2Net began as a privately funded venture whose goal was to provide user-friendly and tamper-free internet kiosks in very high-traffic public airports and rest stops.

The internet kiosks needed to be easy to use and secure from potential vandalism and inadvertent abuse. The technology behind them needed to be quickly scalable to match the aggressive marketing plan to implement the systems within a number of the world’s busiest airports simultaneously.

Not only that, but time was of the essence. The leaders of the venture understood that they were not the only ones with this vision. Ephibian was called upon to provide its expertise to create the entire technical solution for the venture within a tight timeframe.

What did we do?

  • Provided both kiosk-side and back-end solutions
  • Created a responsive, nationwide network
  • Incorporated 24/7 monitoring capabilities to remotely monitor and manage the uptime and responsiveness of the widely distributed kiosk network
  • Provided robust features while eliminating objectionable material such as pornography
  • Included general internet navigation, web-based email, featured links, location-specific graphics and ad serving
  • Quickly produced different software models, which allowed the business model to adjust to changes in the market

How did we do it?

  • Created built-in content filtering for the elimination of objectionable material
  • Rapid development of various modules to allow for business model shifts (for example replacing a billing module with software allowing Get2Net to sell advertising since they moved from a pay-per-minute usage model to an advertising revenue model)

What was the result?

  • Successful deployment to many of the nation’s busiest airports, including JFK, LaGuardia, Newark, Boston’s Logan, Chicago’s O’Hare, Denver International Airport, etc.
  • Get2Net had more that 600,000 page views a day and 200,000+ registered user base. It was the world’s fastest growing public-access Internet Kiosk company when Ephibian was involved, prior to its acquisition.
  • Since Ephibian was developing, fielding, managing and improving the technology, that enabled Get2Net staff to focus on negotiating the airport “footprint” and securing advertising deals, both electronically within the kiosk and on the valuable physical sidewalls of the kiosk units themselves.