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Increase brand awareness through publicly accessible kiosks


A customized, web-based multi-national kiosk solution which included advertising to create revenue and recoup costs


Introduction is a pan-European Internet Service Provider. In addition to their ISP services they also provide free web based email and web portal/information sites for over 20 countries in the local languages. wanted to increase their brand exposure through public-use internet terminals in major airports and shopping centers throughout Europe. Their intent was to recoup expenses through advertising on the kiosk homepage and on the booth itself. They contracted with Ephibian to make this happen.

What did we do?

  • Designed and built kiosk software that used connectivity methods conforming to the communications within their airport, or other, location
  • The Kiosk terminals chosen were easy to install by a local technician, and the kiosk hardware was secured within the booth itself
  • The software was comprised of intuitive screens to establish dial-up or LAN-based ISP connection, and were made as user friendly as possible
  • The Kiosk software was made extremely stable and fault tolerant and was virtually “hacker-proof” and secure, with remote update and management capabilities
  • The terminals were made remotely manageable through a centralized management server, which we installed in their operations center in Luxembourg

How did we do it?

  • We started with the open source Netscape 4.7 browser and wrapped it extensively with code to develop a rock-solid public-use Internet terminal using an underlying Linux Red Hat operating system
  • Terminals were configured to check in nightly to upload their usage statistics and download software updates as necessary
  • The terminals can use ISDN or analog dial-up connections and/or LAN connections
  • Control keys and other shortcuts were disabled
  • Pop-up windows were also disabled for security reasons
  • Maintenance functions are password protected using a control key sequence to bring up the password window followed by a maintenance window