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Credit Union West


To boost online capabilities and presence


Ephibian's Content Management System and a customized forms processing tool



Credit Union West wished to enhance its web presence by offering additional banking features online. The central part of this was the automation, through the internet, of its various forms processing, and the ability for them to manage their own site.

This was not a simple static process; management needed to have the ability to build their own forms together with a content management solution which enabled them to be able to update their website themselves in the absence of any programming knowledge.

What did we do?

  • Provided the ability to manage website content internally
  • Allowed multiple personnel to work through forms processing efficiently
  • Built-in functionality for staff to create custom reports
  • System allows staff to customize site:
    • Text
    • Graphics
    • Colors
    • Fonts

How did we do it?

  • Implemented our Content Management System
  • Designed and built a queuing mechanism for multiple personnel forms processing
  • Provided training to staff on how to use the Forms-building tool to maintain and publish forms online with no programming knowledge

What was the result?

Ephibian has provided Credit West Union the means to considerably bolster their online presence and capabilities while at the same time rendering costly external third-party IT support unnecessary.