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Basset Telecom Solutions


Keep up with the demands of high profile clients


The necessary customized addition for efficient reporting and technical support



Bassett builds telephony “intercarrier” billing systems which are responsible for the reconciliation of millions of transactions between the major telecommunications companies. The transaction volumes and the dollar amounts are very high.

Bassett needed rapid and experienced technical support to their in-house group of developers in order to meet critical deliverables to high-profile and multinational fixed and mobile telephony clients.

What did we do?

  • Worked closely with Bassett’s in-house developers and IT staff to build the capability to their specifications
  • Rapidly built two critical components of Bassett’s new intercarrier billing system known as ‘BeanCounter’

How did we do it?

  • First major component of the system provides reconciliation reports for intercarrrier billing statements between the major carriers
  • Second major component accepts existing mobile subscriber data profiles from the local or regional carriers, parses the data, assigns the current billing status, formats the data and adds it into the billing database
  • Our new code and SQL Server database stored procedures integrated seamlessly with the pre-existing code, data model and stored procedures.
  • Delivered a Windows-based application as a DLL which integrated with their existing job scheduler.

What was the result?

The success of the project allowed Bassett to meet demanding schedule requirements of one of their highest profile clients, on time and within budget.