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Union Bank of California


To avoid costs of manual inventory and distribution of software to over 12,000 PCs


An automated inventory and distribution solution created by Ephibian in partnership with UBOC engineers



Union Bank of California needed a way to create an inventory of software being used by over 12,000 PCs spread over dozens of individual sites across three major geographic regions. They also needed a way to remotely distribute new software to these PCs.

The labor cost associated with a manual inventory process and a manual distribution process for software on this scale was prohibitively expensive to UBC. The UBC leadership required that such an inventory and distribution process maximized the return on investment in the software and incurred the least possible disruption on their ongoing operations. These requirements were also to be achieved under very ambitious schedule deadlines.

Ephibian engineers teamed up with UBOC engineers to create a new automated solution based upon the UBOC leadership plan.

What did we do?

  • Worked side-by-side with UBOC engineers to jointly architect, design, implement, and transition into operations the new automated system
  • Participated in technology transfer and training of their personnel to allow them to effectively manage the solution once it was launched
  • Solution was delivered under-budget and met all ambitious schedule deadlines

How did we do it?

  • Solution was based on IBM’s Tivoli management framework
  • Included Tivoli Software Distribution, Inventory and many customized scripts
  • Solution was integrated with an underlying Oracle database to track the resulting inventory and software distribution data

What was the result?

  • Effective software distribution mechanisms across their enterprise
  • Avoidance of prohibitive costs to maintain an updated software inventory
  • Ability to maintain a consistent and well-understood software inventory
  • Improved security through the ability to distribute security patches