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Configure system administration products in their lab enviornment


Configured products, provided demonstrations, and transferred knowledge to their internal staff



Ephibian assisted in the deployment of Tivoli products into Sears Retail's lab, quality assurance (QA) and pilot environments. This included knowledge transfer of the Tivoli Framework, Software Distribution and Remote Control product sets.

What did we do?

  • Tested Tivoli endpoints and products in Sear's NT (on Token Ring) and OS/2 environments
  • Assisted in building and distributing and removing file packages, importing and exporting file packages, and testing Remote Control
  • Presented and demonstrated Tivoli environment issues to several groups within Sears Retail, and followed up with hands-on training to Sears Help Desk Services

How did we do it?

  • Verified installations, configurations and scripts
  • Created Administrator "templates" to automate the process of assigning access and resources to the various types of Tivoli administrators
  • Carried out a QA/Informal Knowledge Transfer of Tivoli Management Framework, Software Distribution and Remote Control