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To troubleshoot and fix their software distribution issues


Upgraded their software distribution solution



Marriott was experiencing problems with their Tivoli Software Distribution file packages within their HPUX, Novell, and NT environments. Marriott required technical support with distribution of these file packages in the Marriott HQ located in Bethesda, MD as well as a review of their Tivoli Framework in Frederick, MD.

What did we do?

  • Upgraded and configured Marriott to use the latest version of Tivoli
  • Resolved host and name resolution errors and carried out a comprehensive assessment of network problems
  • Resolved problems with Tivoli’s UserLink Browser
  • Once completing the project we provided documentation of fixes and instruction on how to use the new facilities we created

How did we do it?

  • Reviewed "BARC" scripts within Tivoli software distribution (SWD)
  • Carried out troubleshooting of Novell Sentry monitoring issues
  • Improved the Login Policy script
  • Tested the two-tiered software distributions
  • Investigated and tested compression abilities within software distribution
  • Resolved problems with Tivoli's UserLink Browser
  • Developed custom Perl script to improve capabilities of Tivoli's User Link Browser in Marriott's environment
  • Verified installations, configurations and scripts
  • Provided instructions for performing two-tiered software distributions within Marriott's environment

What was the result?

The Marriott operations dependent upon the technology ran smoothly and efficiently at the end of our engagement.