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Kinnevik Group


Create a flexible, easy-to-use, automated online intelligence gathering system


Delivered a quality intelligence gathering tool to the Chairman of group and his staff



The Chairman of Kinnevik Group wanted to create an intuitive, automated, intelligence-gathering application to effectively automate various research tasks online.  A self-made multi-billionaire, the Chairman was very involved and had exacting insights of the intelligence desired in the application for his set of business needs.  He wanted a tool to continuously search, collect, pre-interpret and summarize the knowledge it would find.  It was vital that our solution was on time, within budget, and effective.

What did we do?

  • Built a fast, effective, flexible, and intuitive Java-based Collection application, which uses a sophisticated threaded queuing mechanism for downloading the pages of searched material with a flexible Keyword search to simultaneously check multiple data sources
  • Unlike a single-time search engine, we built a system that runs continously:  spidering key sites and news sources constantly for desired materials --- and interpeting the relevancy of results as they are reported
  • Designed the System to be configurable as to maximize the available server hardware and bandwidth, without overloading resources; and allowing the system to be scaled in terms of resources-used during offpeak hours
  • The System is able to search Web pages (main frame and subframes), Message Boards, leverages search forms, and implements a WebCrawler functionality to search throughout any of its sources

How did we do it?

  • Within a number of simultaneous threads is a configurable parameter, which can be optimized for the server hardware and available network bandwidth
  • The relevance-matching logic is separated from the Collection logic, and provides summaries, details and confidence factors
  • System incorporates an Administrative GUI, configuration utility, error log, and comprehensive statistics log