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Kaiser Permanente Healthcare


Adapt to new regulations and requirements contained in legislation


A revamping of its its enterprise management system



Kaiser Permanente is a major provider of healthcare in the US. Following the introduction of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), it needed a security and deployment strategy that met new requirements contained in the Act.

Its Tivoli User Administration (UA) architecture had to allow for management of user accounts across a heterogeneous environment through a single interface. Its Tivoli Security Management (SM) architecture had to be closely integrated to satisfy more robust and enhanced security standards, enforcement, and auditing. The architecture also had to provide for long-term integration with IBM's Global Single Sign-On (GSO) product.

What did we do?

  • Carried out a comprehensive site visit, and a technical evaluation of Kaiser’s requirements versus architecture alternatives
  • Created an implementation plan for deploying these UA and SM in Kaiser’s pilot production Tivoli environment that formed a core component of the Kaiser Enterprise Automation & Systems Management (EASM) project
  • Incorporated the long-term objective to integrate with IBM's GSO product to create a true single sign-on environment

How did we do it?

  • Delivered a detailed user administration and security management architecture and implementation plan for the full Kaiser Permanente enterprise
  • Included the management of global sign-on users with regular user accounts, allowing operators to manage users through one set of actions.
  • Provides an architecture and implementation plan to install, configure, integrate, and customize  Tivoli User Administration (UA) and Tivoli Security Management (SM) for IBM AIX, Windows NT, and Novell NetWare platforms
  • Implemented these products on AIX and NT platforms within Kaiser Permanente's pilot production environment.