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Pima Flood


Enable a paperless office and streamline workflow.


An intranet application that automates daily operations.



The Pima County Regional Flood Control District (‘RFCD’) is tasked with minimizing flood and erosion damages for all county residents, property and infrastructure, and is involved in a variety of flood monitoring, flood control and natural resource management activities.

Prior to Ephibian’s involvement, RFCD relied upon an entirely paper-based process to handle consumer feedback, public complaints and the scheduling of their resources.  As a result, a lot of time and energy was spent managing the difficult task of tracking theses processes.  Inevitable delays were caused by this process, particularly in responding promptly to customer feedback and reviewing past case history.

Ephibian was contracted to create an intranet solution to address these problems by automating RFCDs processes for the first time.

What did we do?

Following requirements interviews with RFCD staff, Ephibian designed, implemented and deployed a paperless intranet solution, custom to the RFCD environment, that automated workflow for both consumer feedback and case history.

Ephibian’s solution also allows RFCD to schedule work crews to address customer issues, and can import time card information from those subcontractor work-crews.  RFCD can associate this time card information to specific customer complaints, thereby maintaining a detailed history of activity in response to customer feedback.  The time-card reporting capability was customized precisely to RFCD’s needs and internal processes.

To create and deploy the solution, Ephibian applied its expertise in: Microsoft .NET, C#, ASP.NET, MS SQL Server 2005, .netTiers, CodeSmith and Microsoft TeamFoundation.

What was the result?

Through Ephibian’s involvement and close coordination with RFCD, the agency gained a paperless process that conformed precisely to their needs.  RFCD now benefits from a much faster and more accurate system that enables them to be more responsive to their clientele, and access historical data easily and accurately, with minimal effort.