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Department of the Interior


To improve IT administration operations of the Offshore Minerals Management Service


An Enterprise-wide systems management architecture and platform that lowers IT management costs and allows for future enhancements



The Offshore Minerals Management (“OMM”) has a Technical Information Management Service (TIMS) that includes UNIX and PC workstations and servers at several regions across the US. To improve its operations, OMM wanted to be able to perform certain administration tasks for all OMM locations from their main headquarters, while retaining the capability for local administration. After its previous prime contractor had ground to a standstill, OMM contracted with Ephibian to provide a solution.

Following consultations with the OMM, Ephibian came up with project specifications and was able to deliver a full working solution within three months.

What did we do?

  • Provided OMM with an enterprise-wide IBM/Tivoli management system, within an architecture that provides OMM with the flexibility of centralized or decentralized administration
  • Created laboratory and production environments in accordance with the requirements of OMM
  • Installed their central management region
  • Installed a remote location and configured and tested the system remotely to provide the client with a faster service at a lower cost
  • Provided the means to determine future software distributions
  • Created a system with an extensible architecture to enable broader security, network and monitoring capabilities in the future
  • Full implementation within three months

How did we do it?

  • Solution centered upon IBM/Tivoli Software, and specifically upon Inventory and Software Distribution
  • Scripts were developed to automate software distributions that included running before and after programs in conjunction with software distributions to machines that spanned the entire network
  • Hardware and software scans were performed on all systems to populate OMM’s Oracle database, which information provides OMM with the capability to determine future software distributions based on hardware and/or software limitations of nodes within the network
  • Provided an architecture that allows the future deployment of Tivoli security, performance and availability products