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Arizona Superior Courts


To convert various existing legacy systems that manage court case data into a consolidated system to increase accuracy, efficiency and reduce staff administration


An intranet application that manages Superior Court cases during the Pre-trial period



TheArizona Superior Court in Pima County (the Court) was carrying out its pre-trial case management using several legacy systems that they decided to overhaul and replace with an all-encompassing pre-trial case management solution.

The replacement of the old system and the creation of a new one not only meant consolidation of data on multiple levels and the effective presentation of the data, but also the incorporation of new modules to enhance the management process.

After vetting several potential vendors, the Court formed a successful technology partnership with Ephibian.

What did we do?

The solution included creating modules that handle intake interviews, criminal history, risk assessment and verification.

Two user interfaces were needed - One for the pre-trial staff and one for court partners including judges, legal defenders, public defenders and country prosecutors.

The solution:
  • Facilitated the sharing of information between pretrial and court partners
  • Streamlined the data entry process
  • Captured data electronically at the earliest possible point in the management process to eliminate costly and error-prone duplicate data entry
  • Created new modules to help calculate risk assessments
  • Allowed for electronic transmission of relevant data to court partners, eliminating the paper process

How did we do it?

  • Designed and provided a single database to enable and facilitate the sharing of information
  • Instantiated a 3-tier architecture (the database, application modules used to access the database and a set of a set of web applications performing specific tasks based on screen flow)